Illustrations for the project Metarmorphoses by Vilma Loustarinen: Visit the digital exhibition here:
Metamorphoses is a digital exhibition exploring relationships between human and non-human bodies. Balancing on the boundary between physical and virtual space, it opens up diverse landscapes of works all bearing traces of transformations. Assembled together, they form a poetic reflection on what the concept of metamorphosis can signify in the 21st century.
The project examines and re-imagines how we as human beings relate to matter, both inside and outside our bodies, as well as the potential of metamorphosis to reveal new perspectives seeing the Earth as a vibrant topography of ever-changing shapes.
The digital format of the exhibition has allowed for creative curation and experimentation with how contemporary art and design, physical as well as born-digital, can be experienced online. Metamorphoses has been developed in dialogue with a group of international artists and designers, incorporating workshops and installations in London, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Brighton and Bristol.

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